American Board Certified Doctors

We have a team of doctors who were internationally trained and have long years of academic experience in major cancer care institutions in the west and in India. All cases will be discussed in a multidisciplinary Tumor Board across all centers. Difficult or interesting cases will be discussed with international faculty from universities in the USA.

Our Day Care Center Concept

We focus on taking cancer care to the out-patient setting as much as possible to make it less expensive and more convenient. Patients get to spend more time at their home with their families.

Our Ethos

We want our patients to feel like they are coming to our home and not to a "hospital"

We hope to give you very personalised care, near your door step, with the most modern expertise

Our Services

Specialist Consultations

- Medical Oncology
- Hematology
- Surgical Oncology
- Radiation Oncology

Chemotherapy Services

- Comfortable beds and recliners
- State-of-the-art, USA based protocols
- Specialist nursing team
- Targeted therapies, Immunotherapies

Operation Services

- Complete surgical oncology services
- The most modern surgical services
- Well equipped theater
- Internationally trained team

Chemotherapy for cancer
Radiation Therapy Services

- Access to IMRT,IGRT, & other latest techniques
- Stereotactic radiosurgery, Brachytherapy
- Flexible scheduling
- Transportation provided

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Blood Tests

- Full fledged laboratory
- Home blood sample collection
- Online reporting
- Certified lab

cancer hospitals in hyderabad

- Inpatient pharmacy
- Outpatient pharmacy
- All latest drugs available
- All general medicines available

Tumor Board Services

- Multidisciplinary discussions on difficult cases
- Individualised care plans
- Standard International protocols & Evidence Based Medicine ensured
- Expert advice from University of California, & USA, via video conferencing

Psychological Counselling

- Specialist counselor
- Mental health development
- Personalized support
- Multidimensional Approach

Home Services

- Home sample collection
- Home nursing care
- Palliative comfort cares
- Individualized personal care

Our Specialties

 American board certified hematologist in India

Medical Oncology

This is a branch specialising in diagnosing and treating cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, targeted therapy, Immunotherapy, etc. This is a very dynamic field with a lot of research and rapid new advances. A medical oncologist often is the main health care provider for someone who has cancer. A medical oncologist also gives supportive care and palliative care. Treating cancer is a team sport involving several specialists and a Medical Oncologist may coordinate treatment given by other doctors.

  • U.S.A. qualified doctors
  • Sophisticated Chemotherapy Suite
  • Most recent advances
  • Feel-like-home atmosphere
  • International faculty, Tumour Board
  • Easy and Affordable Billing
About Our Doctors
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Surgical Oncology

A Surgical Oncologist is a surgeon who has training in performing very specialised surgical procedures in cancer patients. Modern surgical techniques in cancer and newer procedures improve cure rates tremendously. A Surgical Oncologist specialises in placing Chemoports and other venous access devices, biopsies, optimal surgical excision of cancers, minimally invasive surgeries, robotic surgeries, etc.

  • Internationally trained doctors
  • Fully equipped Procedure Room
  • Latest techniques
  • HIPEC & other innovative strategies
  • Minimally invasive & robotic surgeries
  • Easy and Affordable Billing
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Radiation Oncology

A Radiation Oncologist has special training in using radiation to treat cancer. Using Gamma ray irradiation is an age old technique in the treatment of many cancers. Newer techniques may use electron beams or photon therapy as indicated. Modern radiation techniques and skills fine tune the focus of radiation beams on the cancer mass only, sparing normal tissues so that most cancer cells can be killed while decreasing side effects a lot..

  • Internationally trained doctors
  • Free patient transportation
  • Most modern techniques
  • IMRT, IGRT on latest machines
  • Radiosurgery, Brachytherapy, etc.
  • Easy and Affordable Billing
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Biological therapy for breast cancer

Psychological Counselling

Cancer is a diagnosis that creates a tremendous psychological impact on patients, their families and even their communities. A specialised counsellor can talk with patients and their families about emotional and personal matters, and can help them make decisions and also help to emotionally deal with their diagnosis and it's impacts.

  • Specialist Counselor
  • Mental Health Development
  • Personalized support
  • Multi-dimensional Approach
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This specialty deals in diagnosing and treating all blood related disorders. These include all kinds of blood cancers, bleeding disorders, blood clotting problems, low blood counts, etc. This is a separate specialty from Medical Oncology but some doctors who train in the USA may choose to obtain training and certification in both specialities.

  • U.S.A. qualified doctors
  • Complete modern lab support
  • Most recent advances, blood transfusions
  • Rx of Acute & Chronic Leukemias
  • Rx of Thalassemias, Sickle Cell Disease, etc.
  • Rx of Aplastic Anemias, Myelosdysplasias, etc.
About Our Doctors
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Our Doctors

MD Med(USA), DM Heme (USA), DM Onc(USA)
Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist & HematologistView Details
MS (AIIMS), MCh (Tata Memorial), MRCS (Edin)
Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist

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MD, DNB, Fellow UICC (UK)
Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist

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MBBS, DNB -General Surgeon

15 Years Experience Overall (9 years as specialist)
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MBBS, MD (Radiation Oncology)
Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist, experience for over 30 years
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